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"You guys build one heck-uva pump.”

Pumps -ourfamily _384x 266We’ve heard this many times from our customers.  With more than 100 years of manufacturing a variety of pumps, the Oberdorfer™ name has become synonymous withquality, on-time delivery and accurate performance specifications.  No matter what your application, flow and pressure needs may be, there’s an Oberdorfer™ pump capable of meeting the requirements of your material handling.  All four of our pump families; Gear, Centrifugal, Rubber Impeller and CHEMSTEEL™ pumps are manufactured according to our zero downtime standards and are designed to be quickly interchangeable with your equipment. 

Whether you’re an OEM, distributor or end user, Oberdorfer™ is where quality, innovation and service come together to provide one heck-uva pump.


Gear Pumps

100 years ago we introduced our bronze gear pump and we’re still serving the industry today with the same standards of quality and innovation. Our gear pump models include, external gear, pedestal mount, clutch driven, motor mount and stainless steel options. Go

Centrifugal Pumps

Our centrifugal pump family is suited for variety of industries such as marine, industrial cleaning and manufacturing. The single rotating metal impeller design minimizes parts wear and reduces maintenance. Go

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Oberdorfer™ flexible impeller pumps are made of all bronze and stainless steel construction making them highly corrosive resistant. And there’s a rubber impeller model to suit your OEM or aftermarket needs Go


CHEMSTEEL™ pumps are engineered to handle harsh chemicals under high pressure. High performance alloys prevent these pumps from breaking down prematurely while maintaining the integrity of your material. CHEMSTEEL™ pumps provide peace of mind with volatile materials. Go