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402M Flexible Impeller Pumps

402M Flexible Impeller pumps are made of high quality bronze of maximum corrosion resistance, with shafts consisting of stainless steel grade 303. Top of the line models have ball bearings and mechanical seals while others have bronze or carbon bearings and lip type seals. Impeller material includes either neoprene rubber or nitrile rubber. Flexible blades on the periphery of the impeller provide the pumping action. While the impeller rotates the liquid between the blades is continuously squeezed out into the discharge port by a machined in cam located inside the pump chamber.

402M models are designed for Daytona Marine Engine using Chevrolet Blocks NO 327 and 427. Designed for American Marine LTD. Using John Deere Block NO JD6404 DR-15 and GMC Block Toroflow 63701893. Adaptable to other engines using these blocks.