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Oberdorfer™ pumps have helped keep the world running for more than a hundred years.  From power-generation to food processing, our pumps have been a reliable source for OEMs and the aftermarket.  We invite you to browse through our many pumps and pumping applications or contact your sales representative or dealer for additional specification information or questions.  Rest assured, there’s an Oberdorfer™ solution that will be easy to integrate into your current system that operates according to spec, and will be delivered on time.

Below you will find a few examples of our many applications. Find a Distributor for more customized solutions.


Our gear pumps can be found everywhere. From car washes to paper mills and water treatment to mining, you’ll find Oberdorfer™ pumps used in nearly every industry. The Oberdorfer™ name is trusted by hundreds of leading OEMs. Our reliability and simplicity make aftermarket integration into your existing systems seamless. So, from hard water pumps to engine cooling pumps, Oberdorfer™ is your industrial pump solution. Go

General Purpose

What do embalming, truck driving and aviation have in common? The answer is an Oberdorfer™ pump. We’ve been keeping the wheels of commerce turning and we have no plans to stop. Thanks to our multiline product family and more than 100 years of pumping innovation, no matter your application, there’s an Oberdorfer™ product that can be easily integrated into your system. Go


You want a brand you can trust on the water and Oberdorfer™ pumps deliver efficiency and peace of mind. Our centrifugal bronze pumps with Monel Shaft are ideal in marine applications such as air conditioning, bilge and seawater recirculation. Many of the leading marine manufacturers and boat operators have come to rely on Oberdorfer™ for fuel transfer and conditioning, ballast trimming and oil transfer. Go

Glycol Feed

Oberdorfer™ pumps are the first choice of OEMs and engineers in glycol transfer applications. Whether used as a precursor in the production of polymers, in refrigeration or dehydration systems, these pumps are reliable and built to ensure consistent pressure and control levels across a wide variety of chemical processing applications. Oberdorfer™ should be your first choice in a system that requires a coolant pump. Go

Oil & Gas

Time is money and downtime is lost money. Nowhere is that more true than in the petrochemical industry. Oberdorfer™ pumps are designed to handle the harshest of operating conditions in the petrochemical field. For hydraulic fracturing, there’s not a more reliable pump than our Chemsteel line for solution blending. Oberdorfer™ also has a pumping solution for crude oil transfer, oil scavenger and oil line water heating. Go


Oberdorfer™ pumps are found throughout the agriculture industry. Whether your needs are in aquaculture, commodity processing, waste water removal or dairy processing, there’s a pumping solution for your agribusiness requirements. Go

Food & Beverage

Oberdorfer™ gear pumps are manufactured to the highest of industry standards to prevent seal and packing failure, ensuring an efficient flow environment. Our pumps are commonplace in applications like maple syrup filtrations, cream production, brine injection and various food preservation. Go


The rugged design of the Oberdorfer™ bronze gear pump is a dependable option for road de-icing, spraying a brine solution onto sand or directly onto the road to eliminate hazardous driving conditions, pumping water for dust control on street sweepers and many other applications. Go